Redi-Edge® ULU Knife Sharpener

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The Redi-Edge® ULU Knife Sharpener uses our Duromite inserts that are harder than any cutlery steel, which means you will get the perfect edge every time. The Redi-Edge® ULU Duromite inserts are available with a factory-set inclusive angle of 30°. The 30° inclusive angle maintains a consistent 15° double edge on your ULU knife.

The Eagle River Knife Company came to Klawhorn Industries, Inc. with a request to develop a sharpener specifically for the curved knife of the Alaskan Eskimos', the ULU. The center handle above the blade made it awkward to sharpen with our standard sharpeners. The answer was setting the inserts of the sharpener in a negative rake reducing the friction on the knife blade as it was drawn through the Redi-Edge® ULU Knife Sharpener.

Redi-Edge® Knife Sharpeners have been manufactured in the United States since 1994. These sharpeners have met the discriminating requirements of cutlery enthusiasts around the world.

The Redi-Edge® Knife Sharpener is the only knife sharpener you will ever need. You get the same sharp edge every time you use it. The Redi-Edge® Knife Sharpener is so durable that it comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We make the sharpener that meets your specific requirements