DropSite Bluetooth Road Feeder Controller

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DropSite was created for forgetful old hunters like myself! Countless times I have driven to the back of the ranch and started back only to remember that I meant to feed corn in certain locations but forgot.

With DropSite installed on your hunting vehicle you can either use waypoint or distance mode.

In waypoint mode you set waypoints and duration to feed in the app, and every time you drive by that point the feeder will be activated as long as you have your phone with you and it is in waypoint mode. It works even when the app is in the background so you can just leave it on as long as you are on the lease or ranch.

You can also use distance mode which feeds when you drive the distance you set in the app for the duration you set.

You can also share your waypoints with others so that everyone feeds in the same spot.

DropSite is assembled by Rednecks in Texas!

Go to www.DropSite.us for installation instructions and more info.