Bone Crusher X - 175 Grain

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Crimson Talon Bone Crusher X - 175 grain


The Bone Crusher X is the strongest and most aggressive broadhead we've created to date, designed specifically for today's crossbows. Bone Crusher X combines Crimson Talon's "inboard center of gravity" blade design with a hardened steel ferrule to produce astounding bone-punching power and incredible penetration. Our curved blade technology conserves kinetic energy to penetrate deep, punch through bone, then internally deploy a 2" cutting path for fast and humane big game knockdown power. And because the blades of the Bone Crusher X deploy after the initial penetration of the front 3/4 of the broadhead, deflection is not an issue. During field testing, Crimson Talon mechanicals fully deployed 100% of the time regardless of shot angle. Chisel tip. Assembled in America.
• Number of Blades: 2
• Cutting Diameter: 2"
• Ferrule Material: Hardened Tool Steel
• Tip Material: Hardened Tool Steel
• Blade Material: 0.32" Stainless Steel
• Weight: 175 Grain
• Quantity: 3