Pure Performance Peacock Bass Fishing Shirt

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Cancer-causing UV rays have nothing on you with our Pure Performance Peacock Bass Fishing Shirt. With a perfect blend of 50+ UV polyester and spandex, this shirt stretches 6 ways while still affording maximum UV protection. We up the stakes with moisture-wicking technology, anti-microbial features, odor resistance, and ventilation for pure performance.

From novice to pro, its all-out resilience preps any fisherman for tackling the deep. Typically, to have maximum sun protection you need thicker material, darker colors, less flexible material, and if you get wet you can kiss your UV protection goodbye. All of those things sound hot. That's why we afford you the same maximal UPF protection while still providing flexibility, thin comfortable material, breathability, all while eliminating internal heat and discomfort. 

  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex  
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection  
  • Quick Dry & Moisture Wicking  
  • Antimicrobial Odor Control  
  • Lightweight & Breathable  
  • Stain Resistant  
  • Sublimated Design Never Fades

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